User requirements: PC or Mac, broadband internet connection, and Flash-enabled browser.

If you do not have Flash or are unsure, go to get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ to download the Flash player.

1) How do I log into a chatroom?

There are two ways:

A.  Click "HOME" in the top menu bar. You’ll see a list of BC4M Men. If a box indicates that a particular BC4M Man is Online, you may click on that and enter his Free chatroom. If a BC4M Man is Offline, clicking his box will take you to his profile.

B.  Click "LOBBY" in the top menu bar. This will automatically take you a live page for each online BC4M Man. After a period of time, you’ll automatically switch to the next online BC4M Man. You can stop this process by clicking the JOIN CHAT ROOM button for the BC4M Man you want to chat with. Only registered viewers with tokens in their account have access to Lobby area. Unregistered users or viewers who don’t have any tokens won’t see the Lobby tab displayed.

2) What's the difference between Premium Group Chat and One-on-One Chat? I'm a little confused.

Premium Group Chat is semi-private group chat. Unlimited users may join this group chat. All users in the Premium Group Chat can chat and interact with the BC4M Man, as well as text chatting with each other.

BC4M Men who offer Premium Group Chat will offer varying levels of interaction and nudity. Not every BC4M Man will choose to offer every type of chat, or may want you to go to a One-on-One Chat. Please be respectful of their choices and limitations.

One-on-One Chat means that just you and the BC4M Man will be able to chat and interact. However, this level of chat allows for Spy Mode.

Private One-on-One Chat is just that…100% private between you and the BC4M Man. Please let the BC4M Man know that you want this level of interaction, as he must disable the Spy Mode and adjust the pricing on his end. This is the highest level of privacy and interaction we offer, so prices will be higher.

3) What does “Spy on One-on-One Chat” mean?

Our Spy Mode allows you to log in when a BC4M Man is in One-on-One Chat and see the video portion only at a discounted rate. While in Spy mode, you will not be able to see or participate in the text chat.

NOTE: Not every BC4M Man will offer the One-on-One Chat or Spy Mode. Again, please be respectful of their choices and limitations.

4) Why can't I hear anything?

If the BC4M Man is broadcasting audio (most will, but some will not), and you're unable to hear, then merely scroll your mouse over your viewer window and select 'Sound On'.

5) Do you offer deposit bonuses when I buy tokens?

Yes! We offer several convenient deposit amounts and users will enjoy escalating bonuses with higher deposit amounts. The more you deposit, the higher your bonus!

6) What are Videos? What are Photos?

BC4M Men may now record their own shows to sell. This will allow viewers to see their favorite BC4M Men even though they are not able to visit their live chatrooms. Once you purchase a BC4M Man video, it remains yours as long as you have a membership and as long as the BC4M Man remains active on the system. Videos are streamable whenever you log into your account, even if you do not currently have any tokens.

Some BC4M Men will have Photos you can purchase under the same terms as videos. Photos may be saved to your system for viewing online by right-clicking the full sized photo and choosing “Save Image” or something similar depending on your browser.

At times BC4M Men may offer free photos or videos. Keep an eye out for these free offers!

7) What are tips?

Users may tip the BC4M Men in any of the chat rooms - Free, Premium Group, Spy, or One-on-One. You can also choose to leave a Gift for an offline BC4M Man. Some BC4M Men will offer greater levels of interaction upon receiving a certain number of tokens as tips.

8) Can I rate the BC4M Men on our sessions?

Sure! Users may rate their favorites on the BC4M Man profile pages. You can help your favorite BC4M Men earn bonuses from BC4M, LLC based on their ratings, so please be sure and submit your ratings.

If you have other questions, comments, or concerns, write to us at webmaster@bc4m.club.