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5'7, 250lbs of growing Scottish beef.

Chunky Hairy bear up for fun and chat, nice to chat and see what happens I love being watched so come help me enjoy myself and if you like you can tip lol Come watch me and tip away... i like requests too for tips if you are looking for a certain time to see me message me and i will see what i can do. Please also take the time to rate me, and to check out my videos and pictures available. and always love to receive tips Thanks

I am Joe. I am Spanish/Latino with some Arab decent. I am: 5'9", 265lbs of hard hairy beef, with a 52" chest, 38" w, 18.5" arms, 26" quads. Most consider me to be the muscle-bear type; beefy, hairy and muscled. Give me the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies. I have few limits and I am opened minded to your pleasurable needs. ** Text me: 305-707-0377 & set up a time with me here at (Only restricted to

I'm a gainer currently at 502 pounds and growing. Looking to lift and eat to get even more massive with muscle and gut to become the biggest beast possible. Looking for size-obsessed encouragers who want to help push me to the limits.

I work as a personal trainer, and I also work as an Internet entertainer for mostly male fans and clients. I create custom videos as well, for various fetish groups. I do what I am comfortable doing. I need someone local who is well-built to co-star in my homoerotic-themed wrestling, gut punching, gym scenario, muscle worship videos. Some of my videos here are from a few years ago, no more than 4 or 5, so the quality of those may not be as good as my newer work.

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Crossfit 5 days a week and back to lifting. 31 years in the SM COMMUNITY. Been for teaching since 1992. Role play/ one on one demo teaching/ group teaching/ travel the globe teaching at events/ let me know what I can do to help you futher your personal journey. Role is a sidistic verstial masochist. Its all about the man and the chemistry. But most of all trust and respect. Check candler upcoming cities.

Powerlifter, personal trainer, and classical musician... always looking to get bigger and stronger! Super nice and accessible, I love to chat, so let me know when I'm boring you, grab your tokens and I'll flex and "entertain you." Hehe.

MASSSIVE Bodybuilder, 5'11", 280-310# BIG EVERYTHING! Big, Rock-Hard Muscle-Gut! Sometimes I'm hairy, sometimes I'm smooth! Facebook: Tony Maxim Muscles fan page

This muscle Dad likes to sweat, wear jockstraps, drink beer, trucks, lift heavy weights, manscent, etc